POISE Open Recruitment Centres

Recruitment centres

We will be recruiting women from a number of sites across England and Scotland to participate in the study

We are currently in the process of opening our sites. If you are aged between 18-40 and are interested in being involved in the study please get in touch with us at: poise@nottingham.ac.uk to get more information.


POISE Open Recruiting Centres
 Site Name Site Number
 UCLH           01
 Liverpool Women's Hospital 02
 Norfolk and Norwich 03
 Imperial 04
 Aberdeen 05
Edinburgh 06
Sheffield 07
 Oxford 08
 Salisbury 10
Barts 11
Birmingham Heartlands 12
Cambridge 13
Derby 14
Guy's & St Thomas' 15
The Christie (Manchester) 16
East Lancashire 17
Bristol 18
Nottingham 19
Chelsea & Westminster 20
South Tyneside and Sunderland 21
Kings College London 22


Map of Open Recruiting sites

 POISE Map_12Jan24


Please click here to see site map in Google